Start Trading Within One Business Day

3 Ways To Fund Your Tradovate Account


Mailed Check

3 Day

Mail Instructions
  • Requires 3-day funds holding period once funds received
  • No limit per check

Wire Transfer

1 Business Day

Wire Instructions
  • No funds holding period – funds available next business day
  • No limit per wire transfer

ACH Bank Transfer

5 Day

ACH Instructions
  • Requires 5-day funds holding period once funds received
  • $5,000 limit per ACH transfer, limit 2 transfers per month

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements to open a futures account?
To open an account simply click the Open Account button to proceed to the application. For individual accounts, an application should take about five minutes to complete.
Are there any fees to receive live quotes for futures?

The Live Quote fees are different by trading exchanges depending on the type of trader you are. See the list of Live Quote Cost charged per exchange.

Non-Professional shall mean and include either (i) an individual, natural person Subscriber(s) who, or (ii) certain small business entities (limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts or corporations) that, receive and use Information (excluding any pit traded data).

Professional Subscribers: Any Subscriber that does not meet the qualifications of a Non-Professional or falls under the categories described below will be considered a Professional.

What are the margin requirements to trade futures?

Tradovate offers $500 day trading margins for E-mini S&P 500 (ES), Nasdaq 100 (NQ), Dow (YM), and Mini-Russell 2000 (TF). You can view a full breakdown of contract margins directly on our Margins page.  $50 day trading margins for the Micro E-mini.

Margins are also available directly in your Tradovate platform.