Dorman Trading Funding Instructions

Three methods to fund your Tradovate account.

  • Wire Transfers – Wiring is the fastest way to fund an account. Wires that are received by 1 p.m. C.T. will be processed and available on the Tradovate trading platform by the next business morning.
  • Check Deposits – Check deposits received by Dorman Trading in Chicago, IL will have a three-day hold placed on it before it can be cleared and used for trading.
  • ACH Transfers – ACH Deposits received by Dorman Trading have a five-day hold period before it can be used for trading.

Wire Instructions

Important Note: The originating wire account name must always match the name listed on your trading account, except in cases of funding from a joint account where the joint account holder is a spouse.  If the originating name does not match your trading account name, funds will be returned.

US Dollar (USD):

Beneficiary Bank: Harris Trust and Savings Bank
Location: 111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603
ABA#: 071000288
SWIFT Code (International): HATRUS44
Credit Account: Dorman Trading, LLC
Account Number: 2427201
For further credit to: [Your Tradovate Account Name] and [Your Tradovate Account Number]

Euro (EUR):

Please make a SEPA credit transfer or an international payment.

Beneficiary Bank: Barclays Bank PLC
Location: 1 Churchill Place, London, EC14 5HP, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB39 BARC 2000 0052 7334 22
Credit account: Dorman Trading, LLC
For further credit to: [Your Tradovate Account Name] and [Your Tradovate Account Number]

Australian Dollar (AUD):

Correspondent Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Location: Sydney, Australia
Account Number: 06796710004221

Beneficiary Bank: BMO Harris NA
Location: 111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603
Account Number: 11188-2427201
Credit Account: Dorman Trading, LLC
For further credit to: [Your Tradovate Account Name] and [Your Tradovate Account Number]

Additional Notes:

  • The originating account name must always match the name listed on the Tradovate account or funds will be returned.
  • You must include your Tradovate account number.
  • Do not mail checks to the address listed above.

Check Instructions

Please make all checks payable to Dorman Trading, LLC and include your Tradovate account number.

Mailing Address:

Dorman Trading, LLC
141 W. Jackson Boulevard
Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60604

Additional Notes:

  • You may fund your accounts with a personal check, savings and loan check, and checks drawn on a money market or credit union account. These funds require clearance before you may begin trading. You may also fund your account with a cashiers check or certified check, however, please contact Tradovate Support prior to funding, for further instruction.
  • Checks will be held for 3 business days before funds are accessible on the trading platform.

ACH Instructions

Complete the Dorman ACH Setup Form and return it along with a copy of your current bank statement to . After this is returned, Dorman will place three small ACH test transactions in your bank account. You will need to confirm each of the three transaction amounts via email back to . Once you have confirmed the test transaction and the account approved for ACH, you can submit an ACH Request through the Tradovate platform under the Application Settings.

Additional Notes:

  • The maximum deposit amount by ACH is $5,000.00
  • The minimum deposit amount by ACH is $100.00
  • The minimum withdraw amount by ACH is $100.00 (unless account closing for the full balance)
  • ACH deposits are limited to two per month
  • ACH withdraws are limited to four per month
  • ACH deposits will be held for five business days before funds are accessible to trade

Account Transfers

You may fund your account by transferring funds to Dorman Trading, LLC from an investment or brokerage account of another firm. Funds transferred from another brokerage account are considered cleared funds.

To start an account transfer, complete the External Transfer Authorization form and return to Tradovate’s New Accounts department.

Non-Acceptable Forms of Trading Account Funding

Dorman Trading cannot accept the following methods of payment to fund a trading account: PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, money orders, ACH credits, electronic transfers, checks drawn on lines of credit, or checks drawn on foreign banks.