Commission-Free Trading
With a Tradovate Membership

Trade futures with zero commissions, trade unlimited contracts for a flat price.

How Tradovate Pricing Works

Tradovate combines brokerage and our proprietary trading technology into a single service and offers it through three unique pricing plans. Traders can try Tradovate Membership Free as long as they like and upgrade at any time to either the Active Trader Plan or Commission Free Membership for additional savings.  All Plans get complete access to Tradovate’s platform to use on desktop for Windows and Mac, web for Chrome and other browsers, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices included at no extra cost.

Membership-Free Access

With Membership-Free Access there is no monthly fee and you pay $0.79/side commission when you trade ($0.25/side Micro E-Mini).  Use Tradovate Membership-Free for as long as you like. When you are ready for additional savings you can upgrade any time.

Active Trader Plan

The Active Trader Plan allows traders to reduce their commission rate to $0.19/side by becoming an Active Trader for as little as $79/month.  At any time Active Traders can upgrade to the Commission Free Membership for additional savings.

Commission-Free Membership

With Tradovate’s Commission-Free Membership you pay $0.00/side commission. Instead of charging a commission for every contract you trade, we charge a flat price for membership, starting at $199/month. Trade as much as you want and never pay a per-trade commission.


+ $0.79/side ($0.25 Micro E-Mini)
No Monthly Fee


+ $0.19/side when you trade
Prepaid Annually


Commission Free Trading
Prepaid Annually

Tradovate Platform and Pricing Details - Expand to see

Monthly Membership and Commissions

Monthly Membership and Commissions Membership Free Active Trader Commission Free
Prepaid Annually $0 Average $79/mo. Average $199/mo.
Or Pay Month-to-Month $0 $99/mo. $249/mo.
+ Per Side Futures Options $0.99 $0.99 $0.99
+ Per Side Futures Commissions $0.79 $0.19 $0.00 – Commission Free
+ Per Side Micro E-mini Futures Commissions $0.25 $0.19 $0.00 – Commission Free

Tradovate Available Add-ons

Available Add-ons per Plan Membership Free Active Trader Commission Free
On-Demand Market Replay $69/mo. $25/mo. $25/mo.
API Access $50/mo. +$0.15/side $50/mo. +$0.15/side $50/mo. +$0.15/side

3rd Party Available Software
Trade on Tradovate’s platform and add any available 3rd party software for analysis, or, choose to trade through the 3rd party software.  CQG Connection Fees ($15/month) and CQG Routing Fees ($0.15/side) may apply.

3rd Party Available Software Tradovate Plan
Jigsaw Daytradr Use with any Tradovate Plan
Sierra Chart Use with any Tradovate Plan
Bookmap Pro Use with any Tradovate Plan
Collective2 Use with any Tradovate Plan
Tradingview Use with any Tradovate Plan
Motivewave Use with any Tradovate Plan
CQG Trader Use with any Tradovate Plan
Investor RT Use with any Tradovate Plan

Standard Tradovate Software Features

Standard Tradovate Features Membership Free Active Trader Commission Free
Unlimited Real-Time Simulation YES YES YES
Downloadable (Windows, Mac) YES YES YES
Web Version for Browsers YES YES YES
Phone/Tablet (iOS, Android) YES YES YES
Trade From Charts YES YES YES
Multi-Brackets (10 Targets/Stops) YES YES YES
Depth of Market Ladder YES YES YES
Configurable Hotkeys YES YES YES
40+ Technical Indicators YES YES YES
Custom Alerts / Push Notifications YES YES YES
Trade and Performance Reports YES YES YES
Real-time News YES YES YES
2-factor Authentication YES YES YES
Heiken Ashi, Renko, PNF Charts YES YES YES
Vol. Profile / Bid-Ask Volume Chart YES YES YES
Heiken Ashi, Renko, PNF Charts YES YES YES
Custom Indicators and Sharing YES YES YES
Tick Stream YES YES YES
Access to Jigsaw, C2 YES YES YES
Grant POA Access YES YES YES

All-in Commission Rates – VIEW

Additional Benefits for All Plans

$500 day trading margins for E-mini S&P 500,
Nasdaq 100, Dow & Mini-Russell 2000
$50 day trading margins for Micro E-mini
No volume requirements
No inactivity fees
Account minimum – $2000 Classic – $250 Micro E-mini

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