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Unlimited Commission-Free Futures Trading

No per-trade commissions or extra platform fees.
No hidden fees. No catches

How Membership Works

We combined our brokerage and proprietary trading technology into a single service and offer it on an all-you-can-consume subscription basis.
Our customers become members by opening a trading account, choosing one of our three membership plans, and enjoying exclusive access to Tradovate’s unlimited commission-free, futures trading.

How Commission-Free Pricing Works

Instead of charging a commission for every contract you trade, we charge a flat price for membership, starting at $39 per month.
Trade as much or as little as you want and never pay a per-trade commission. When you do trade, you simply pay the exchange & NFA fees you pay at every broker and a small $0.09 per contract clearing fee.


For example, Tradovate members trading the e-mini S&P 500 contract would pay $1.18 for exchange fees, $0.01 for NFA fees, and $0.09 for clearing fees, bringing the total cost to $1.28 per contract or $2.56 round turn. That’s it. No hidden fees or catches; just simple, transparent pricing.

Platform Included – At No Extra Cost

At Tradovate, you don’t pay extra for a trading platform. No platform licensing fees, order routing fees, or mobile app fees.
You get full access to Tradovate’s platform to use on desktop for Windows and Mac, web for Chrome and other browsers, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices included at no extra cost with your Tradovate membership plan.

Membership Plans

Subscription Term:
Essential$49 Per Month $39 Per Month
Active$129 Per Month $99 Per Month
Advanced$199 Per Month $139 Per Month
Tradovate Cloud-Based Trading Platform
Trading Accounts
The Advanced membership plan allows for one trader to trade more than one Tradovate customer account. For example, if you had three Tradovate accounts to manage, you could do so with the Advanced membership plan
Trading Volume
Per-Trade Position Size
The Essential membership plan allows you to trade 1 contract per trade on any exchange that you want and for an unlimited amount of trades. For example, you could buy 1 CME e-mini S&P contract to open and sell 1 contract to close that position and then buy and sell 1 contract again. If you wanted to buy 2 e-mini S&P contracts or buy 1 e-mini S&P and 1 crude oil at the same time, you would need to upgrade to the Active or Advanced membership plan. Maximum position size is limited by the available margin in your account and account risk limits
Real-time Simulated Trading
Market Replay
Real-time News & Research
Free CME Market Data
For Non-Professionals
For non-professionals, Tradovate covers the real-time CME market data cost for one exchange in the Active annual plan and four exchanges in the Advanced annual plan.
Advanced Charting Tools
Third Party Add-On Tool Access
Third party tools that you have licensed can be accessed on Tradovate in the Active and Advanced plans. Additional costs apply for third party tools
Third Party Managed Accounts
If someone other than you is placing trades for your account, the account is considered managed and you would select the Advanced membership plan
$500 Day Trading Margins for E-Mini S&P, Nasdaq 100, Dow and Mini-Russell 2000
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Additional Benefits

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