Transfer Funds To Tradovate
With Your Checking Account


ACH Bank Transfer

ACH Transfer Guidelines


  • Maximum deposit amount by ACH is $5,000
  • Minimum deposit amount by ACH is $100
  • ACH deposits are limited to two per month
  • ACH deposits will be held for five business days before funds are accessible to trade.


  • Minimum withdraw amount by ACH is $100 (unless account closing for the full balance)
  • ACH withdraws are limited to four per month

Start Transfer

  1. Open the ACH transfer page. See FAQ
  2. Add your checking account information in Tradovate
  3. Three small transactions will be deposited into your linked checking account
  4. Log in to Tradovate and verify the bank transaction amounts when complete
  5. Make a bank transfer to and from your checking account in Tradovate
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