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Trade futures anywhere. No platform licensing, order routing, or mobile app fees.

At Tradovate, you don’t pay extra for a trading platform. You get full access to all versions of Tradovate’s cloud-based platform to trade on all of your devices.  Download for Windows or Mac, log in with Google Chrome and other web browsers, or download from the app stores for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Trade how you want from where you want; it’s all included with Tradovate – at no extra cost!

Platform Features

Tradovate is committed to providing clients with market access via high-performance, reliable connections to the world’s major futures exchanges:


CME_D             ICE_D             Eurex_B


Designed for speed and ease of use, Tradovate’s depth of market (DOM) module allows traders to quickly analyze price information in the exchange’s limit order book, place orders rapidly, and managing positions easily. The DOM gives traders an essential view of the market and power to trade their strategies with precision, including:

  • One-click order entry
  • One-cancels-other (OCO) bracket orders, including setting brackets by ticks, price, or price
  • Volume histogram
  • Sweep limit order option
  • Link to quotes


Traders can easily create charts that can be accessed from any device and customized to preference using a host of styles, timeframes, and technical indicators, including:

  • Trading directly from the charts
  • Visualizing orders, positions, and session high and low marks
  • Tick, minute, hour, daily, volume, range, and custom timeframes
  • 40+ technical indicators
  • Custom templates, popular chart types, drawing tools, and more


Tradovate’s modern-design quotes allow traders to see clearly what is happening in the market, rapidly analyze the data, and act swiftly. The quote board includes:

  • Customized quote lists that sync across desktop, web, and mobile
  • Easy symbol search using contract symbol, name, and exchange
  • Customized data view to see market information just the way you want
  • Detailed quote info to quickly see margins, trading hours, contract specifications, and more
  • Easy contract month roll forward and backward
  • Easily trade, set alerts, and more directly from the quote board

Advanced Order Management

Tradovate provides advanced trade management to automatically manage orders and create custom exit strategies, including:

  • One-cancels-other (OCO) bracket orders to simultaneously place profit target and protective stop orders
  • One-sends-other (OSO) orders to automatically send a single order or OCO order when the first order is filled
  • Trailing stop and trailing stop-limit orders to automatically tighten when the market moves favorably for your position
  • Good-til-date (GTD) order flags to specify the exact time to release or cancel an order

Tradovate’s cloud-based platform holds all orders either securely at the exchange or server-side, never on your device. Trade confidently knowing that a computer crash or internet disruption will not cause your exit orders or strategies to fail.

Advanced Order Management

Risk-Free Simulated Trading

Test Tradovate’s tools, new trading ideas, and trading in new markets so you are comfortable before putting actual money at risk. Tradovate’s demo account let’s you trade with real-time market data in a risk-free simulated environment and increase or decrease the account balance to tailor the amount specifically to you. You can easily switch between live and demo accounts without the hassle of having to login and logout.

Try our 2-week free trial to test out the demo with no obligation and our Active and Advanced membership plans include unlimited simulated trading, so you can always test when you need it.

Risk-Free Simulated Trading

Market Replay

Want to go back in time to trade the last FOMC meeting, jobs report, or EIA inventory report? Our market replay will let you simply watch the market action or actually trade tick-for-tick with full market depth in actual time or in fast-forward speed to see how the market traded on days when the market moved. Use market replay with all of Tradovate’s modules (DOM, charts, etc.) as well as most third party add-ons.

Market Replay

Third Party Add-On Tools

Tradovate has partnered with premier futures trading specialists to make their analysis and trading tools available directly from Tradovate. Further leverage Tradovate’s unlimited commission-free, cloud-based futures trading platform to target trading opportunities, manage trades, and see the market in unique ways with these third party applications:

Third Party Add-On Tools

Beyond Trading

Powerful trading and analysis modules are just the start of a seamless trading experience at Tradovate.

  • Manage your market data directly from the platform using any device. No calls or emails. Away from your desktop and want to make a change? No problem; simply log in with your mobile app, select the change you want to make, and have it immediately and automatically made
  • Full membership and account management to change your membership plan, payment method, or account information anytime you need using any device you want
  • Create customized workspace template or load templates created by Tradovate or other traders with a single click
  • Chat directly with our customer support and trade desk teams (we offer phone support as well for the times you need it)
  • Set customizable alerts to see and hear when something important happens in the market
  • Get real-time news and research to stay on top of the latest events
  • On-demand reports to view and filter all of the order, positions, cash, and membership activity you need
  • 2-factor authentication option to enhance your security and protect against unauthorized account access
Beyond Trading

Release Notes

Version 1.170120.0 (01/22/2017)

  • Market Replay. Users will now be able to select a “Replay” account from the account dropdown to begin a replay session. Trading in the replay session is supported. *Please see our FAQ for more information on configuring and controlling replay sessions.
  • Chart Improvements / Updates
    • Candle Outlines can now be set in chart settings. The Dark Theme defaults to light grey, the Light Theme defaults to dark grey
    • The Axis Labels sizes (for the crosshair and working orders) in the chart have been increased. They now match the font size of the prices and dates in the axis.
    • Chart Axis (Price and Time) can be zoomed independently
    • Scroll Wheel loads more data into the chart
    • A separate Chart Menu has been introduced where indicators which have been added to the chart can be removed with one click or the editor can be launched with one click
    • One Click adding for Drawing Tools. Double Clicking the added Drawing Tool will launch the Configuration Modal
  • Order Confirmations can be disabled inside the confirmation popup by selecting “Do not show again”
  • “Fill Time” can now be added as a column in the Orders Module
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.161223.0 (12/25/2016)

  • Updates to 3rd Party Integrations:
    • Bookmap XRay Released.  The Bookmap widget has now been fully released.  You can add it to your layouts on any platform by selecting it from the Workspace manager (Bookmap License required)
    • Jigsaw Reconstructed Tape.  Jigsaw’s Reconstructed Tape module is now available fully integrated in the Tradovate Downloadable for Windows.
  • New 3rd Party Integrations:
    • OFA Charts and OFA AlgoX are now available fully integrated in Tradovate Charts.  Use Order Flow Analytics Charts to analyze order flow, visualize volume, and apply proprietary indicators.  Use OFA AlgoX to pair OFA Charts with  access to OFA’s proprietary algorithmic trading interface to create, execute, and manage custom algos for automated trade and risk management. OFA/AlgoX algos are managed server-side, taking computer crashes and internet disruptions out of the equation.

Version 1.161215.0 (12/18/2016)

  • Added “Volume Profile” Drawing Tool and “Bid/Ask Volume Candles” Chart Type to the Charts Module.  These tools are available with the Active and Advanced Plans.  They are also available with our 2-week free Demo.  To enable these tools in your application, go to Application Settings>Add-ons and “Activate” Advanced Charts
  • Minor Bugfixes

See complete release notes here: RELEASE NOTES

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