Tradovate Release Notes

Release notes for each version of Tradovate:

Version 1.180105.0 (01/06/2018)

  • Added: Tables. Allow users to auto-size column width by double-clicking on column header right border
  • Added: Charts. Show Chart in Standard View of quote list.  When switching to the standard view in the quote list, a miniature chart will display below the contract description.  The line chart will display the last 12 hours by close price of 15 minute bars.  For more details on this update, you can see THIS POST in our Feature Request Community Forum.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.171208.0 (12/09/2017)

  • Added: DOM. Allow users to display indicators in DOM from popped out windows
  • Added: DOM, Charts, Quotes.  You can now add the GDAX (Coinbase) Bitcoin/USD data feed for display in a quote list, DOM or Chart
  • Added: DOM.  For Bitcoin/USD you can now set a custom tick level in the DOM from Advanced Settings.  This will allow you to roll-up the DOM display for show a custom level (rather than just 0.01)
  • Added: Chart.  Scroll functionality in the chart header in the event the chart header contents exceed the viewable header area
  • Bugfixes:
    • Bugfix for IE 11 loading issue

Version 1.171124.0 (11/25/2017)

  • Added: Chart Advanced Settings.  You can now show/hide lines on the chart for working and suspended orders
  • Added: Chart Drawing Tools.  You can now draw ellipses on your chart
  • Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

Version 1.171027.0 (10/28/2017)

  • Added: Chart Advanced Settings.  We’re in the process of making a number up updates to the chart many of which have been driven by customer requests and feedback.  Some additional advanced settings can now be managed on each chart through a settings menu.  With this update you will now be able to manage:
    • Global cursor.  In this latest release, in the Chart Advanced Settings modal, you will have the option to set a global cursor “on” for individual charts.  When this is turned on each chart will mirror the cursor position in the chart the cursor is currently moving in.
    • Continuously Autofit Chart.  One of the new configurations we’re introducing is the option to continuously autofit the chart.  As you know the chart today can be scrolled and zoomed but does not autofit the contents to the plot area.  The user can do this manually by selecting the option in the charts settings menu or by double-clicking the chart price axis.  In this latest release, in the Chart Advanced Settings modal, you will have 3 options:
      • Off – The default behavior of the chart
      • On – When selected all of the chart contents (bars and indicators) will autofit after scrolling/zooming
      • Bars Only – When selected the chart bars (only) will autofit after scrolling / zooming
  • Added: Chart.  Lower indicators will now show a label with the indicator name
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.171020.0 (10/21/2017)

  • Added: DOM Advanced Settings.  We’ve made a number up updates to the DOM many of which have been driven by customer requests and feedback.  Some additional advanced settings can now be managed on each DOM through a settings menu.  You will now be able to manage:
    • Show Bid/Ask Histogram.  Now you can show/hide the green and red histogram on the DOM
    • PNL in Ticks.  You can toggle the display of the P/L on the DOM between ticks or $
    • Show Estimated P/L.  When you enable this settings an estimated P/L column will display on the DOM
    • Show Chart Indicators.  When you enable this setting any indicators on visible charts of the same contract as your DOM (in the same window) will show at the price level on your DOM.  You can view more details about this feature in our Community Forum by visiting this post
    • Show Histogram Values.  You can show/hide the numbers that overlay the DOM’s daily histogram.  The histogram has also been changed to anchor to the right edge of the cell (rather then the left edge)
    • Order Type Coloring.  Now Working and Suspended orders’ cells are highlighted on the DOM.  Under the Advanced settings you can set which colors you would like to apply for highlighting.
  • Updated: DOM.  Cancelling and modifying orders has been updated.  To modify the price of an order, you can now click/drag and area of the cell (except for the [X]).  Previously you needed to click drag the drag handle to move the order in the ladder.  To cancel an order, click on the [X]
  • Updated: DOM.  Last price is now highlighted for better visibility.
  • Updated: DOM.  Position Indicator resized larger for better visibility.
  • Added: Exchange Traded Spreads.  Exchange traded spreads are now available on Tradovate.  A new Spread Matrix module has been added to the Workspace Manager.  The Spread Matrix will allow you to see all the spreads for a Product>Spread type combination (ES Reverse Calendar Spread, for example).  You can view more details on our Community Forum.  View the post here

Version 1.171006.0 (10/08/2017)

  • Updated: Login.  Now on the Login Screen users will select whether they want to login into Simulation/Demo or to the Live environment.  If you have a demo (or if you have a Live account and would like to trade your simulation account) simply choose to “Login to Simulation Environment”.  If you would like to trade your live account(s) simply choose to “Login to Live Environment”
  • Added: Charts.  With this release we introduce a community area for sharing your custom indicators.  This can be accessed on the Code Editor module under the “Community” menu.  In this area, you can share indicators you have developed with other Tradovate users.  Users will be able to see the number of installs of shared indicators, review the underlying JS code, install indicators or remove indicators they have installed from the community.  You can view more information on this in our community section: View the Post Here or in our FAQs .
  • Updated: Performance Report.  The performance report will now display full screen width allowing for more performance metrics to be viewed at once.
  • Updated: DOM. To “declutter” the DOM display we have removed the “High” and “Low” labels from the DOM.  Daily High and Low levels are still shown through the green and red lines.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Download versions workspaces.  Some “full screen” workspaces were not working as expected
    • Safari 11 (and iOS 11) chart display issues.  New Safari 11 was not displaying Tradovate Charts as expected after the latest update.
    • Order Notifications.  Order notifications were sometimes sorted out of chronological order.

Version 1.170915.0 (09/17/2017)

  • Added: Reports.  Users can now run an Order Detail report for individual orders (search by Order ID).  This report will show all order details for individual orders.

Version 1.170908.0 (09/10/2017)

  • Added: DOM, Chart, Order Ticket.  Hotkeys have been added.  By popular request, you can now setup hotkeys for DOM, Chart and Order ticket functions on the desktop and browser versions of Tradovate.  Please reference our FAQ section or visit the Hotkey Post in the User Request Forum for additional details on using hotkeys in Tradovate.
  • Added: DOM and Chart. Join Bid and Join Ask buttons can be added to the DOM and Chart (and also can be mapped to a hotkey).
  • Added: Workspaces.  Currently, Tradovate workspaces (quotes, DOM, Charts) roll contracts forward to the next expiration when the current symbol is expired.  A setting has been added to Application Settings to allow the user the ability to not roll contracts forward in their workspace if desired.  This function is particularly helpful for layouts where you would like to use Market Replay to view activity on expired contracts.
  • Added: Charts.  Color hints have been added to the indicator listing under the Configure Chart Elements menu making it easier to distinguish between different settings for the same indicator.
  • Charts.  Pivot points calculation has been updated to calculate based on session rather than calendar date.
  • Added: Mobile.  Order Notification sounds have been added to Android mobile.
  • Bookmap.  The Bookmap widget has been removed from the Tradovate Trader.  Tradovate will continue to support the Bookmap Pro application connected directly to CQG.
  • Added: Charts.  Added Trend Line drawing tool
  • Added: Charts.  Added Rectangle drawing tool.  Please view the Post in the User Request Forum for more details.
  • Added: Charts.  Added Text/Annotation drawing tool.  Please view the Post in the User Request Forum for more details
  • Added: Charts / Indicators.  Added the Hull Moving Average to the standard indicator listing.  It can be found under Indicators>Moving Averages

Version 1.170811.0 (08/13/2017)

  • Charts: Added a function to “Go to Current Bar”.  Under the “Chart Settings” menu, users will now see a function to move the chart view to show the current bar.
  • Charts: Added a function to “Autofit Chart”.  Under the “Chart Settings” menu, user will now see a function to autofit the chart contents to the viewable plot area.  This will perform the same action as double-clicking in the price axis.
  • Charts: Performance improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.170804.0 (08/06/2017)

  • Crosshair automatically enabled when a drawing tool is selected
  • “Replay workspace for expired contracts” added to Workspace manager screen.  If you would like to replay data for expired contracts, they can be added when using this workspace
  • Trailing stops added to advanced order ticket
  • Users can now specify “Stop Type” in DOM and chart under View Settings > Stop Type. Send: Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit when click trading on the DOM or Chart
  • Performance improvements

Version 1.170728.0 (07/30/2017)

  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed some bugs with OFA
    • Fixed bug with user signup from mobile app
    • Fixed bug with saving layout changes on tablets

Version 1.170714.0 (07/16/2017)

  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.170630.0 (07/02/2017)

  • Daily Loss Limit Meter.  Has been added under the Equity Open P/L dropdown on the trader along with a link to configuration options. See how close you are to hitting your daily loss limit. Click to launch a configuration modal allowing you to enable/disable and adjust your daily loss value
  • Flatten Today functionality has been added under the equity dropdown. Click the row to launch a modal to Enable/Disable and set a flatten time for current date. When the flatten time is hit, all positions will be exited and all working orders will be canceled.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.170623.0 (06/25/2017)

  • Multiple Brackets have been added.  Users can now configure multiple brackets from the DOM or Chart.  Up to 10 levels can be configured.  Multiple bracket configurations can be saved for contracts and selected from a dropdown for easy access.
  • Trading Performance Report has been added.  A performance report has been added to the reports area.  Analyze key trade statistics and see visualizations of P&L activity over time.
  • Filter Bid/Ask Volume in Bid/Ask Volume Charts.  Users can now filter Tradovate’s Bid/Ask Volume Charts based on volume for a more targeted view of activity.
  • By popular request, a link to the reports overlay has been added to the side menu (just under the “Notifications” icon)
  • Charts: A few feature has been added allowing you to see your fills on the chart.  This can be enabled under Chart Settings > Show Fills.  Colors for the Fill Indicators and Profit/Loss lines can be set in the chart editor.  Hovering over a Profit or loss line will display a tool tip showing fill pairs and P&L.
  • Orders: A “Linked Orders View” has been added to the Orders Module.  This can be toggled under the “View Settings” menu at the top right of the module.  Setting the view to “Linked Orders View” will provide a summary of all orders placed and a logically grouped view of bracket orders in relation to parent orders

Version 1.170602.0 (06/04/2017)

  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.170526.0 (05/28/2017)

  • Tick Stream Module now available.  View every tick of a selected market including timestamps with milliseconds, price and volume traded.  This new module can be added to your workspace from the workspace manager.
  • If you have a valid OFA license, Tradovate’s Bid / Ask Volume charts can now be configured to show OFA Bid and Ask Alerts alerts as well as the Bid and Ask dots on the chart.
  • Tradovate’s Volume Profile Drawing tool on the chart now allows you to configure Value Area and Point of Control display
  • Increased contrast in charts in the dark theme
  • Bid / Ask Volume charts performance improvements and optimizations

Version 1.170512.0 (05/13/2017)

  • Charts:  Users can now configure bracket order settings directly from the chart in trade mode.  Bracket orders can be placed on the chart with a single click and legs can be adjusted directly on the chart.
  • Charts:  Volume profile background colors can now be configured improving readability on the chart.
  • News Feed:  The news feed can now be opened in a separate module from the workspace manager
  • Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

Version 1.170505.0 (05/07/2017)

  • Charts Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.170501.0 (05/03/2017)

  • Bugfix: Some layout changes were not saving properly

Version 1.170428.0 (05/01/2017)

  • Users can now Enable/Disable Daily loss limit.  A checkbox has been added to this configuration area to manage its state.
  • Jigsaw Plugin Bugfix: Splits calculation issue fixed
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android): Performance Improvements
  • iOS Bugfix: Errors when user was registering for Push Notifications has been fixed
  • OFA Bugfix: Error when moving profile to current bar

Version 1.170421.0 (04/23/2017)

  • Advanced Charts Add-on now includes: Heikin Ashi, Renko and Point and Figure chart types
  • Push Notifications:  Tradovate mobile apps (iOS and Android) versions 1.170324.0 and higher now support push notifications. Send notifications to your favorite mobile device for orders, custom alerts, server notifications and new chat messages form Tradovate Trade Desk and Support.
  • News Feed:  Tradovate Trader now consolidates more than a dozen (and growing) of some of the most popular financial news feeds.  Stay up-to-the-minute on the markets
  • Tradovate Help:  This version introduces Tradovate’s help function into the application (Both web and desktop.  Mobile coming soon).  Tradovate Help can be used as a resource to find helpful application walk throughs, search Tradovate’s FAQ repository or Submit a ticket to Tradovate for further support.  Check back often for helpful tips on new features and functions.
  • Bugfix: Addressed a case where releasing OFA Algo orders did not occur as expected.

Version 1.170324.0 (03/26/2017)

  • Charts:  Users can now set a custom defined session on the chart.  To do so, open up the chart configuration modal (the same modal where you can set coloring for the chart) and select “Custom” from the Time Frame dropdown (by default it is set to “24 Hours”).  You can set the start and end times for the data in your chart allowing you to filter out time frames you do not want to view on the chart.
  • Bugfix: Market Replay would freeze for some users after running for a period of time

Version 1.170317.0 (03/20/2017)

  • Bugfix: Fix for custom indicator loading in charts
  • Bugfix: Addressed intermittent issue with cloud workspace storage for layouts with Jigsaw DOMs

Version 1.170310.0 (03/12/2017)

  • Allow user to set a Daily Loss Limit for their account. This can be set under Application Settings > Accounts (“Set Daily Loss Limit” will show as a link next to the account). If the limit is set, the account will be auto liquidated and locked when hit. The account will either be unlocked at the end of the session automatically or the user can “unlock” their own account by setting the loss limit higher
  • “Exit at Mkt & Cxl” button on both the DOM and the Chart has been changed to a “split button” which allows the user to select any number of functions to show in the button at any given time. Exit at Mkt & Cxl, Cancel All, Reverse & Cxl, Cancel Offers, Cancel Bids can all be selected from this button
  • Replay time window has been widened to auto pause after 4 hours of “simulated time”.  Session can be started again by simply clicking the “Play” button again in the Replay Control.
  • Expired Contracts in replay mode will show in Red Color.
  • Introduced “Replay Workspace” which will allow a user to keep “expired” contracts in the layout definition (quotes, DOM, Charts) and will not attempt to auto-roll. The workflow for a user would be to navigate to the Replay Workspace they would like to use and then start Market replay . “Open Another Workspace” functionality has been removed from the “Start replay” modal as a result
  • Report output can be copied to the clipboard. You can now click/drag to highlight report data and ctrl-c copy to the clipboard (which can then be pasted to notepad, excel, google sheets, etc.) Previous functionality to download to csv is still available as well
  • Partial Filled orders that are canceled will show “Filled” order status (instead of “Canceled”)
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.170210.0 (02/12/2017)

  • Tradovate Indicator code has been open sourced.  Now when selecting an indicator from the indicator list, when the configuration modal is opened, clicking the “edit” icon next to the indicator name will open a code viewer where the code and calculation for the indicator is visible.
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.170203.0 (02/05/2017)

  • Charts: 2-click operation for drawing tools. Select the drawing tool, click the chart to set the start point, click the chart to set the end point
  • Charts: Select area to zoom in. Click the (+) magnifying glass. Click to start select area. Click to select stop point. Chart will zoom and auto-fit
  • Charts: Reset zoom level. If chart is zoomed as described above, clicking the (-) magnifying glass will reset to prior zoom level
  • Charts: Changed Line tool endpoint sizes to make them easier to work with
  • Charts: Custom Time Frames are now available inside the Chart Time Period Selection Menu
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.170120.0 (01/22/2017)

  • Market Replay: Users will now be able to select a “Replay” account from the account dropdown to begin a replay session. Trading in the replay session is supported. *Please see our FAQ for more information on configuring and controlling replay sessions.
  • Chart Improvements / Updates:
    • Candle Outlines can now be set in chart settings. The Dark Theme defaults to light grey, the Light Theme defaults to dark grey
    • The Axis Labels sizes (for the crosshair and working orders) in the chart have been increased. They now match the font size of the prices and dates in the axis.
    • Chart Axis (Price and Time) can be zoomed independently
    • Scroll Wheel loads more data into the chart
    • A separate Chart Menu has been introduced where indicators which have been added to the chart can be removed with one click or the editor can be launched with one click
    • One Click adding for Drawing Tools. Double Clicking the added Drawing Tool will launch the Configuration Modal
  • Order Confirmations can be disabled inside the confirmation popup by selecting “Do not show again”
  • “Fill Time” can now be added as a column in the Orders Module
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.161223.0 (12/25/2016)

  • Updates to 3rd Party Integrations:
    • Bookmap XRay Released.  The Bookmap widget has now been fully released.  You can add it to your layouts on any platform by selecting it from the Workspace manager (Bookmap License required)
    • Jigsaw Reconstructed Tape.  Jigsaw’s Reconstructed Tape module is now available fully integrated in the Tradovate Downloadable for Windows.
  • New 3rd Party Integrations:
    • OFA Charts and OFA AlgoX are now available fully integrated in Tradovate Charts.  Use Order Flow Analytics Charts to analyze order flow, visualize volume, and apply proprietary indicators.  Use OFA AlgoX to pair OFA Charts with  access to OFA’s proprietary algorithmic trading interface to create, execute, and manage custom algos for automated trade and risk management. OFA/AlgoX algos are managed server-side, taking computer crashes and internet disruptions out of the equation.

Version 1.161215.0 (12/18/2016)

  • Added “Volume Profile” Drawing Tool and “Bid/Ask Volume Candles” Chart Type to the Charts Module.  These tools are available with the Active and Advanced Plans.  They are also available with our 2-week free Demo.  To enable these tools in your application, go to Application Settings>Add-ons and “Activate” Advanced Charts
  • Minor Bugfixes

Version 0.9.161111 (11/15/2016)

  • Enhanced indicator menu. New menu control added to better format on small charts and tablet
  • Links between OCO and OSO orders now shown on Chart
  • Market orders on DOM can now send Bracket Orders when Brackets are turned on in the bracket settings area
  • Updated Jigsaw DLLs released with minor bugfixes
  • Minor Trader bugfixes

Version 0.9.161014 (10/19/2016)

  • Fibonacci Extensions added.  Now you can show/hide different levels, show/hide prices at different levels and manage line colors and styles for individual levels.
  • Increase or decrease your demo account balance.  Demo Account balance can be managed in Application Settings > Accounts
  • Fixed deadlock issue with Jigsaw integration
  • Minor Bugfixes

Version 0.9.160930 (10/02/2016)

  • Show Last Price in Chart price axis.  This function can be enabled in “Chart Configuration”.
  • “Save as Default” added to indicators and drawing tools.  This will save your current settings and reuse for each new addition of the unique indicator or drawing tool.
  • “Remove All” added for drawing tools and indicators.  This will remove all  occurrences of the unique indicator or drawing tool.
  • Updates and Bugfixes for the Jigsaw integration.

Version 0.9.160916 (09/19/2016)

  • Privacy Mode toggle now available in Application settings to hide Account Number and Balance in top navigation
  • Customize chart bar coloring can now be found under the Chart Menu: Select “Configure” and Chart Symbol to display a modal allowing you to change the bar colors
  • Integration of Bookmap X-Ray released to BETA.  Widget can be launched from Workspace Manager (valid Bookmap license required)

Version 0.9.160819 (08/21/2016)

  • Integration to Jigsaw Depth and Sales released in Windows downloadable version.  Now accessible from “Add Modules” area.

Version 0.9.160812 (08/14/2016)

  • 2 factor authentication added for Live Account Security.
  • Enable 2 factor authentication for your account under Application Settings > Personal Info
  • Fibonacci Retracements added to charts under Drawing Tools
  • Link your DOM to Quotes in Mobile
  • New enhanced Default Workspace added
  • Dark and Light Workspace Templates you can use and modify can be found under Workspace Manager > Tradovate Workspaces
  • Now Theme color is saved with your workspaces

Version 0.9.160729 (08/01/2016)

  • Filter function for Orders Module.  Typing in text will filter the orders list
    Named Modules for Orders Module.  You can save filtered orders views to be recalled in other orders modules
  • Quote Lists and Chart Templates are available across device
  • Export and Import Workspaces to share layouts across different users from the Workspace Manager
  • Enable and Disable sounds for alerts and order notifications under Application Settings
  • Mobile devices display currently selected account on login. Account can be changed in Application Settings
  • Demo users can signup with Google or Facebook accounts.  User names and passwords must be setup for live accounts
  • Lines on charts can be drawn as a ray and extend off the chart

Version 0.9.160708 (07/10/2016)

  • Enable / Disable Order Status update notifications by order status in Application Settings
  •  Right Click in DOM to send as a Stop Order, Left Click in DOM to send as a Limit Order
  • Popout windows in the downloadable (Mac, Windows) will now automatically default to the account selected in the main window when popped out
  • Mobile DOM and Charts Header Updated (PNL Position)
  • Navigate Mobile modules either through the carousel or 3-finger swiping left or right
  • Increased row height in mobile DOM to improve usability
  • Chart Templates now include Histogram, High / Low levels and DataBox