Third Party Platforms at Tradovate

We think Tradovate’s cloud-based platform delivers the best value at the best price to active futures traders, taking out extra costs and putting the power to manage the trading experience at your fingertips while delivering top-notch execution and analysis tools. But, we understand that traders use other software for many different reasons, so we now deliver third party platforms to you the Tradovate way – with a ton of value!

While using a 3rd party software at Tradovate, here are the additional benefits:

  • Market Replay.  You can continue to use Market replay inside Tradovate to simply watch the market action or actually trade tick-for-tick with full market depth in actual time or in fast-forward speed to see how the market traded on days when the market moved
  • Daily Loss Limits.  If you are trading through the Tradovate platform or through a 3rd party, you can set Daily Loss Limits for your account in Tradovate to help you manage your risk
  • Performance Reports. If you are trading through the Tradovate platform or through a 3rd party, you can see a comprehensive report of your trading statistics
  • Real Time News.  Continue to be connected to the latest market events with Tradovate’s real-time news feed


Choose between using Jigsaw Trading’s add-on tools that are fully integrated into Tradovate or Jigsaw Trading’s standalone platform, Daytradr. Click here for details.

Sierra Chart

Choose between using Tradovate for trading and Sierra Chart for charting or Sierra Chart for both trading and charting. Click here for details.

Bookmap Pro

Contact our support group to Trade your live account with Bookmap’s standalone platform, Bookmap Pro. Click here for details.


Whether you already have an account with Tradovate or you are new to Tradovate and would like to start trading Collective2 strategies in a new Tradovate account, its easy to get started. Click here for details.

Orderflow Analytics

Traders use OFA’s tools to analyze order flow and volume as visualized in three-dimensional form to provide insight into real-time market sentiment and automate trade management with pre-built algorithms. Click here for details


Tradingview is a third-party platform that can be used for charting and trading the futures markets. You can use the charts to view real-time and historical market data using advanced charting features that can be customized to your specifications. You can manually place trades directly on the charts or by using depth-of-market (DOM). Click here for details.