Order Flow Analytics on Tradovate

What are OFA’s Tools?

Traders use OFA’s tools to analyze order flow and volume as visualized in three-dimensional form to provide insight into real-time market sentiment and automate trade management with pre-built algorithms. Rather than relying on snapshot views of price movement, the tools capture the more complex picture of today’s unfiltered tick-by-tick rapid-fire volume, designed to help traders understand market moves, improve targeting for trade entry and exit, and increase their trade conviction.

Analyze the Markets like a Pro

Change the way you see and analyze the markets with a unique view of order flow and market-generated volume information. OFA charts provide:

  • Volume cluster analysis data visualization to break down periods into critical data points for precision entry, stop and take profit prices
  • Adjustable buy, sell, and neutral classification algos to simplify market sentiment and trader commitment
  • Custom bars for minute, volume and probe & rotation time series provide standard and enhanced chart views

Progressive Technical Analysis

Move beyond the technical analysis charts of yesterday with:

  • Drag and drop volume profile tools on specific ranges and swings to eliminate fixed lookback technical analysis pitfalls
  • Isolation of key volume transitions for logic-based trading level confirmation
  • Dynamic logic of profiles to expose range and breakout opportunities for improved market context
  • Maximize trend and swing-based trades with VWAP & standard deviation tools specific to each move
  • Proprietary CWAP indicator meant to eliminate guesswork for trend following entries and pullback management

Go Algorithmic with OFA/AlgoX

Access the proprietary algorithmic trading interface designed to add automated risk management and algo trading functionality. OFA/AlgoX includes:

  • All features of OFA Charts for Tradovate
  • Single-click trade of simple or intricate algorithms without writing a line of code
  • Execution algos to maximize account management with custom risk-sizing based on OFA data points and chart variable
  • Position management algos to automate non-linear trailing stops meant to enhance profit-taking and reduce drawdowns
  • Logical scale-outs with take-profit algos designed to capture gains while still allowing winners to run

What You Get with OFA on Tradovate

No separate installation means you can have OFA’s tools set-up in moments. With OFA on Tradovate, you get:

  • OFA Charts to analyze order flow, visualize volume, and apply proprietary indicators
  • OFA/AlgoX to create, execute, and manage custom algos for automated trade and risk management
  • OFA/AlgoX algos managed server-side, taking computer crashes and internet disruptions out of the equation
  • One-time transfer fee of $97 for current OFA users and monthly subscription or single-payment purchase options for new OFA users
  • Unlimited commission-free trading with no platform licensing fees, order routing fees, or annual update costs

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