Jigsaw Trading on Tradovate


Flexible Options for Using Jigsaw Trading at Tradovate

Do you like to use Jigsaw’s tools directly inside another trading platform or do you prefer to use Jigsaw’s standalone platform, Daytradr, for all of your trading? At Tradovate, you can do both, so pick the one that works best for you!

Option #1 – Use Jigsaw Tools Fully Integrated with Tradovate

Simply pick the Tradovate pricing option that you want and start using Jigsaw’s full suite of tools combined with Tradovate’s cloud-based platform .  Trade commission-free with no order routing fees using Tradovate on any device you choose and Jigsaw’s tools on your Windows computer.

Option #2 – Use Daytradr

Simply pick the Tradovate pricing option that you want and start trading after licensing Daytradr. Trade commission-free while using Daytradr on your Windows computer. In addition to trading on Daytradr you will have access to Tradovate’s on-demand Market Replay for Jigsaw tools, set daily loss limits for enhanced risk management, and get charting with the Price Action Swing and Cumulative Delta indicators.

What are Jigsaw’s Tools?

Traders using order flow to refine and confirm their trades use Jigsaw Trading’s tools to view order flow information quickly, reliably, accurately, and in a format that makes sense.  Traditional order flow tools put too much emphasis on a traders’ short term memory skills. Jigsaw gives you just the right historical and current order flow information at the right time, making the absorbtion of order flow information much easier. That leaves you to focus your efforts on using the information to make a trading decision, not remembering what was where 5 minutes earlier.

Real-Time Order Flow

Tracking trader behavior ‘right here, right now’ is essential in confirming and refining trade entry points and in managing trades. Jigsaw Tools help to show:

  • Shifts in trader participation
  • Where large size is trading
  • Potential order book manipulation and spoofing
  • Post entry behavior for trade management
  • Consolidation zones
  • Changes in participation
  • Changes in volatility

Historical Order Flow Heatmap

Order flow history can give you additional trade entry points that would not be visible to chart traders as well as indicating where real supply and demand may lie using:

  • Visual bid and offer heatmap
  • Hidden backstops (invisible on price charts)
  • Supply and demand locations
  • Stop locations
  • High volume nodes – ‘reaction points’

Order Flow Event Alerts

Unusual trading activity can be the first sign that a change in market direction is imminent. Audio and visual alerts tell you when these order flow events are occurring in real time to be aware of:

  • Iceberg orders
  • Buyer and seller absorption
  • Delta divergence
  • Block trades
  • High volume nodes – ‘reaction points’

What You Get with Jigsaw on Tradovate

No separate installation means you can have Jigsaw’s tools set-up in moments so you can view momentum, order flow, and more, taking trading action quickly with Tradovate. With Jigsaw Trading on Tradovate, simply enter the license key that you purchased from Jigsaw and you get:

  • Jigsaw’s Depth & Sales to view important market action and place trades
  • Jigsaw’s Auction Vista heatmap to view historical and current order flow
  • Jigsaw’s Reconstructed Tape to track small and large trader activity
  • Price action swing indicator for viewing swing charts
  • Cumulative delta indicator for viewing  market order activity
  • Unlimited commission-free trading with no platform licensing fees or order routing fees

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