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Simple Setup for Trading Collective2 Strategies at Tradovate

Whether you already have an account with Tradovate or you are new to Tradovate and would like to start trading Collective2 strategies in a new Tradovate account, it’s easy to get started

Don’t have an account? Get setup quickly for Collective2:

  1. Simply create your Tradovate user by clicking the blue “Open an Account” button to the right
  2. You will receive an email from Tradovate asking you to confirm your email address
  3. After confirming your email address, click the “Open Your Trading Account Today” button to fill out an online application.
  4. Once your account is approved, log in to Tradovate and “Grant Trading Permission” to Collective2.  Trades from the systems you choose will automatically flow into your Tradovate account.

Already have a Tradovate account?  Activate Collective2 today:

  1. Log in to Tradovate and “Grant Trading Permission” to Collective2 for your Live account and trades from the systems you choose will automatically flow into your Tradovate account.

Having any problems linking your account?  Visit our FAQ

If you are a Collective2 Trade Leader

You can use the Tradovate platform to send signals and manage your C2 model portfolio via BrokerTransmit.  C2 Trade Leaders using a live Tradovate account receive the Trades Own Strategy (TOS) designation which indicates to subscribers that you follow your own strategy.

What is Autotrading?

AutoTrading is technology that allows you to follow a C2 trading system without the need for manual trading. C2’s AutoTrading technology gives you the freedom to set up AutoTrading for any number of C2 systems. You always have the freedom to manage open positions, open orders and check on performance from the C2 AutoTrade Control Panel.

How does it work?

AutoTrade features include:

  • Trade any Futures system.

    You can AutoTrade any Futures system you see on the C2 Web site.

  • You control trade size.

    Set a maximum number of contracts.

  • Trade multiple systems at once.

    You can AutoTrade as many trading systems as you like in one brokerage account.

  • Monitor trades, positions, and profit-and-loss in real time.

    You can log in to the C2 Web site and see all your trading status on one screen.

  • Intervene whenever you want.

    You can close positions early to take a profit, or to stop a loss. See a trade you like? Increase its size. (Or decrease the size of trades you don’t like.)

  • AutoSync technology keeps your account “synced up.”

    C2’s advanced AutoSync technology is constantly monitoring your real-life brokerage account, and comparing it to what you should have in the account, based on your instructions and the trading system’s trade record. C2 will adjust your account automatically to make sure you stay in sync with your chosen systems.

  • Automatic Stop Losses.

    C2 servers will automatically place a stop loss order for each position opened by your trading system, at whatever dollar amount you specify. This happens regardless of whether the trading-system uses its own stop losses. (Stop Loss orders may not limit your losses in all market conditions.)