Sierra Chart at Tradovate

Sierra Chart at Tradovate

Simply select our Active membership plan (or choose to trade membership-free) after licensing Sierra Chart. Trade commission-free while using Sierra Chart on your Windows computer. In addition to trading on Sierra Chart you will have access to Tradovate’s on-demand Market Replay, set daily loss limits for enhanced risk management.

What is Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart is a third-party platform that can be used for charting and trading the futures markets. You can use the charts to view real-time and historical market data using advanced charting features that can be customized to your specifications. You can manually place trades directly on the charts or by using depth-of-market (DOM) or you can completely automate your trading strategy.

Charting Options for Market Analysis

The charting on Sierra Charts gives you a lot of choice for how you analze the market, including:

  • 350+ technical studies and indicators
  • 30+ drawing tools
  • 15+ chart types for visualizing market data in different ways
  • Real-time intraday and historical data, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and user-defined timeframes
  • Time-price-opportunity (TPO) profiles to view the amount of time that price trades a each price level
  • Continuous contracts to blend contract months together into a single contract for longer-term analysis
  • Market depth historical graph for intraday timeframes to  display the highest market depth quantity at each price level

Trade How You Want

You can trade by pointing-and-clicking on the chart or DOM or create a fully automated trading system. Trading in Sierra Chart includes:

  • Trading from charts and DOM
  • Advanced orders to manage your trades according to your strategy
  • Position scale in and scale out functions
  • Automated trading with backtesting capabilities

Extra Features Available

You also get:

  • Trade activity log to keep track of trade performance and use in trade journaling
  • Times and sales to see each trade that occurs and “read the tape”
  • Third-party charting plugins to power additional analysis and trading tools