Use Tradovate’s Technology to Power Your Business.

Tradovate offers multiple B2B solutions allowing firms to access and leverage Tradovate’s existing cloud-based technology to grow and enhance their own business and brand.  Explore the various ways to leverage Tradovate technology.

Business Solutions at Tradovate

White Label Platform Solutions

  • Create your own white-label of Tradovate to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Build and protect your own brand while leveraging Tradovate’s technology
  • Design the trading software layouts with the modules important for your business
  • Access to all versions, Download for Windows and Mac, Web Mobile for both (iOS and Android)

Third Party Platform Integration – Open API

  • Leverage Tradovate’s robust functionality via Tradovate’s API
  • Tradovate’s API is exposed as a REST API with Swagger definitions. Traders can generate client code for, practically, any language. Our real-time API is a Websocket-based protocol which doesn’t depend on language.
  • Complete set of documentation and a set of samples built for C#.
  • Access to development environment for building and testing

Sim-to-Funded and Prop Firm Trading Solutions

  • Complete risk view and  monitoring for all trader sub-accounts.
  • Ability to set advanced risk rules for each trader sub-accounts including daily loss limits, auto-liquidation and more.
  • Master account with detailed view of trader sub-accounts.
  • Allocate funds to each sub-account or margin from the master account.
  • Daily Fill files and exports for all traders for analysis

Build and Market Custom Indicators

  • Tradovate’s indicators and tools are open-sourced and available for users to reference.
  • Custom sub menus can be created in Tradoavate’s indicator navigation.
  • Custom indicators can check external license servers through JavaScript.
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